Activities of our Vietnamese workers 越南工人的活動

28/10/2019 | 22:13

All the workers when joining our recruitment process are kept the images, photos of their activities before going to abroad to work as well as after arriving the working places. We are taking care of their activities, emotions to support the workers whenever they need our helps in order to make them be self-confident and steady on the way of working life far from their homelands.

The workers have their happy and friendly daily life after training class. They have the environment to live with many kinds of people and this is the first stepping stone for them to get familar with the abroad working life.

在參加我們的招聘過程中,所有工人在出國工作之前以及到達工作地點後,均會保留其圖像,他們的活動照片。 我們會照顧他們的活動,並在工人需要我們的幫助時給予他們支持,以使他們在離開家鄉的工作中變得自信和穩定。

培訓班結束後,工人們過著幸福快樂的日常生活。 他們擁有與許多人共處的環境,這是他們熟悉國外工作生活的第一步。

Daily life after training class             培訓課後的日常生活
Going to the airport for departure to abroad     去機場出發去國外

Workers' life in abroad after working days       工作日後在國外的工人生活