Language and Oriental Training 語言和東方培訓

25/10/2019 | 23:36

One hundred percent of our workers take part in the oriental and language training course before going abroad to work. All the workers must have necessary knowledge about the culture, regulations and law of the countries that they will go to live and work. Depending on each market, we train the workers many different foreign languages like: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic.

在出國工作之前,我們百分之一百的工人參加了東方和語言培訓課程。 所有工人必須對將要生活和工作的國家的文化,法規和法律有必要的了解。 根據每個市場,我們為工人提供許多不同的外語培訓,例如:英語,中文,韓語,日語和阿拉伯語。

Our teachers have reality experiences to teach the workers not only language but also the manners and customs of the countries hiring our workers. Thanks for this, the workers do not surprise or feel strange or scared when they go abroad. The workers have enough basic knowledge to be confident to live and work in foreign countries.

我們的老師具有現實的經驗,不僅可以向工人傳授語言,而且可以向僱用我們的國家/地區傳授風俗習慣。 為此,工人出國時不會感到驚訝,感到陌生或害怕。 工人具有足夠的基礎知識,可以自信地在國外生活和工作。

Our company has been coordinating with some vocational training colleges, centres to teach or improve working skills for the workers. With this program, the workers are equipped with full knowledge to integrate quickly in life and work when going abroad to work.

我公司一直在與一些職業培訓學院,中心合作,以指導或提高工人的工作技能。 通過該計劃,工人具備了充分的知識,可以在出國工作時迅速融入生活和工作中。

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