Language and Oriental Training

25/10/2019 | 23:36

One hundred percent of our workers take part in the oriental and language training course before going abroad to work. All the workers must have necessary knowledge about the culture, regulations and law of the countries that they will go to live and work. Depending on each market, we train the workers many different foreign languages like: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic.

Our teaching team has reality experiences to teach the workers not only language but also the manners and customs of the countries hiring our workers. Thanks for this, the workers do not surprise or feel strange or scared when they go abroad. The workers have enough basic knowledge to be confident to live and work in foreign countries.

Our company has been coordinating with some vocational training colleges, centres to teach or improve working skills for the workers. With this program, the workers are equipped with full knowledge to integrate quickly in life and work when going abroad to work.


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