Supply construction workers

07/10/2014 | 17:24

Traenco., Jsc always has available Vietnamese construction workers to sypply for construction companies in Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, Romania, Polland, ..... We have been providing all types of workers in the field of building construction, bridge construction, construction structure for many oversea partners. Our construction workers have real experience and they are qualified as well as skillful. A skilled worker even can do all around the work like mason, plaster, tile fixer, marble fixer, steel fixer, shuttering carpenter,…

Although many Vietnamese workers are not trained at vocational college, they learnt from the factual work. They start working when they are very small and young because their families are so poor. They follows their fathers, brothers or relatives and friends to go to work in construction site to study and get experiences. All our partners satisfy with the working ability of our Vietnamese construction workers supplied for them.



We can supply all kinds of workers for construction site like: 

1. Mason

2. Plasterer

3. Tile/Marble Fixer

4. Steel Fixer

5. Shuttering Carpenter                                                         

6. Furniture Carpenter

7. Civil Electrician

8. Plumber        

9. Painter

10. Scaffolding Worker

11. Welder

12. Pipe – Fitting Worker


13. Concrete Worker

14. Gypsum Worker

15. Asphalt Worker

16. Concrete Plant Operator

17. Foreman

18. Civil Engineer

19. Architect

20. Office Boy

21. General Labor

22. Construction Driver


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