Supply Mechanical Technicians 供應機械技術員

17/03/2020 | 11:58

Vietnamese workers are assessed skillful and high qualitied by our partners especially in mechanical sectors. With the inborn ability, Vietnamese workers can study well and reach the skillful technique in a short time so they can easily get into the working process. Because of these reasons, many countries like Romania, Middle East, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, Polland, Hungary, .... contacted our company to order a large number of techincians. The kinds of technicians they like most are electrical welder, 3G welder, 6G welder, engineer, plumber, electrician, construction machine mechanic, CNC operator. 

我們的合作夥伴對越南工人的技能和素質進行了評估,特別是在機械領域。 越南工人憑藉著天生的才能,可以很好地學習並在短時間內掌握熟練的技術,從而輕鬆地進入工作過程。 由於這些原因,羅馬尼亞,中東,韓國,日本,台灣,俄羅斯,土耳其,波蘭,匈牙利等許多國家/地區與我們公司聯繫,以訂購大量技術人員。 他們最喜歡的技術人員是電焊工,3G焊工,6G焊工,工程師,水管工,電工,建築機械技師,CNC操作員。

Many workers from our company have been working in mechanical garages, ship making companies in Korea, Europe and Middle East.




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