Testing Interview 測試面試

25/10/2019 | 11:59

It depends on the requirements of the foreign partners, our company can organize interview or trading test appointed by our Clients.

These are some kinds of interview candidates that we used to and have been executing such as:

1. Interview:      Oral Interview   or  Online Interview

2. Sending CVs for the selection by employers 

3. Trading Test: Testing directly the working skill of candidates at job sites or practicing areas.


Some images of interview and testing candidates of our company:    我們公司面試和應試者的一些照片:

Tailor testing for Taiwanese and Japanese markets

Construction worker Interview and testing for Middle East markets  建築工人對中東市場的採訪和測試

Factory worker Oral Interview for Taiwanese market            工廠工人對台灣市場的口頭採訪


Electronic worker Testing and Interview for Taiwanese market             台灣市場的電子工人測試和訪談

Testing and Interview Technical workers            測試和麵試技術人員

Interview candidates for Japanese market             日本市場面試候選人





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