Construction Workers

TRAENCO., JSC always has available  Vietnamese construction workers  to sypply for construction companies in Middle East, Japan, Taiwan and European countries. We have been providing all types of construction workers for many projects of building construction, bridge construction, construction structure.  

Factory Workers and General Labors

With more than 20 years of experience in labor supplying, we can recruit many kinds of factory workers to provide for our partners in all over the world. Due to the requirements of the partners, we divide into 3 levels of workers: unskilled workers, semi-skilled workers and skilled workers.  We have been supplying workers for many factories and companies in various sectors, such as mechanicals, garments, electronics, foods processing, vehicle accessories, ....  

Mechanical Technicians

We supply mechanical technicians with high quality to reach the requirements of our partners in many countries in the world. All the technicians need to be skillful and the level of the workers is up to the real demands of the partners.          

Testing Interview

Our company can organize interview or trading test if requirement appointed by our Clients. These are some kinds of interview candidates that we used to and have been executing such as: Interview:      Oral Interview   and On Skype Sending CVs for selection Trading Test: Testing directly the candidates for skilled or semi-skilled or general labors at job site, practicing area.  

Supply housemaids and nurses

Our company can supply housemaids and nursing care-takers. We have exported hundreds of domestics workers to many countries like Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, United Emirates, Kuwait, Dubai, Macau, .... So many housemaids have completed the contracts from other countries coming back to Vietnam. That's why sometimes in the application forms of the candidates, you can see the experience part noted their real working experience in abroad.  

Language and oriental training

Our training centre teach the workers speaking language, culture, law and regulations of the country which they will go to work and live in.   One hundred percent of our workers take part in the oriental and language training course before going abroad to work. All the workers must have necessary knowledge about the culture, regulations and law of the countries that they will go to live and work. Depending on each market, we train the workers many different foreign languages like: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic.   Our teachers have reality experiences to teach the workers not only language but also the manners and customs of the countries hiring our workers. Thanks for this, the workers do not surprise or feel strange or scared when they go abroad. The workers have enough basic knowledge to be confident to live and work in foreign countries.